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With incredible access to a lagoon and channel fed by nutrients coming directly from the Tongan Trench the reef and marine life here are prolific, not to mention our resident family of Leopard sharks.


Take the Hobie cat after a short lesson and you will be cruising the lagoon like a pro


With awesome trade winds Kite surf the picture perfect lagoon



Paddle leisurely around the lagoon and visit an un inhabited island, or go surf in the waves 



Round trip into the main town or a cruise to the local village these cruising style bicycles are available to all 

Scuba diving

 Our on site PADI dive center has access to some of Tonga’s most diverse and remote coral systems

Horse riding

Take a leisurely stroll through the lush tropical bush to a km long secret beach where if you choose you can run and swim your horse.



Take 20 seconds from your busy day to relax and imagine you could be on one of the most beautiful beaches in the south pacific


Paddle Boarding

Test your balance on our paddle boards 



With a jungle gym, Trampoline, and games for the children this is the perfect family vacation for all 

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