Whale Stranding Video

Many thanks to all that helped this was a truly amazing experience that will change all our lives .Good luck to the little guy that lay so patiently and waited for the high tide .


Forgot to mention before we were lucky enough to have 3 vets and David Blanchard a member of the Sea Shepherd Crew with us here at the resort .


22 Responses to “Whale Stranding Video”

  1. Julie Simmons says:

    Glad to hear the good news, well done guys, a great team effort and great result cheers Julie (Australia)

  2. Nelly D says:

    What a great act from all of the participant to take action. Hope the wale make it, at least she got a chance because of your caring. Nelly.

  3. marna cahn says:

    so cool. keeping fingers crossed that the little guy becomes part of the whale family he was singing to.

  4. Susan Zilberstein says:

    Lovely…………hope the ones that it was calling to as it swam off will recognize it and its mother will be there, too. Maybe they stayed nearby hoping to find their lost little one.

  5. Great story/video guys, we can only hope the calf will find the pod, perhaps its mother and survive but worriesome that it had beached itself in the first place – fingers crossed!!

  6. Peter Goldstern says:

    Well done. Congratulations !


  7. Johanna Rove says:

    Beautifull, thanx to a lllllll :)

  8. Angie Hewitt says:

    So glad the baby got back to it’s family. Great thanks to the people who rescued her or him. That’s why I support Sea Shepherd, Save Japans Dolphins and all the others that care about the oceans, dolphins, and whales.

  9. Mark Biewers says:

    Big Kudos to you guy’s for gently rescuing this poor Guy and get him back into the sea! A job well done!

  10. Deb Kelly says:

    How amazing to see you guys release the baby. Well done to everyone involved.

  11. Kernow says:

    The whales are not able to thank you themselves so I would like to do it on their behalf.

    Well done to everybody involved, a amazing thing you have done for planet earth!

  12. Bob says:

    Inspiring and beautiful! Well done! It’s uplifting to see that there are nice people everywhere in the world!

    Well don!

  13. Mary Ann Rice says:

    Beautiful!!! Thank you to all who helped rescued this wonderful baby.. I have to confess that I had tears running down my face by the end .. :)

  14. Well done team. Brilliant effort. Social media kudos to you all!

  15. luca says:

    meraviglioso!! magico!

    • It’s extremely gratifying to know that there are still some good people in the world…Congrats and cudos to all the people from The Sea Shephard and the people from Matafonua…(A devoted supporter from Canada)…

  16. […] whale stranding video Matafonua Ha’apai Tonga Many thanks to all that helped this was a truly amazing experience that will change all our lives .Good luck to the little guy that lay so patiently and waited for the … http://www.matafonua.com/whale-stranding-video/ […]

  17. David Blanchard says:

    We were initially worried about the reason for the stranding also, fearing that she might be injured, but as the day went on, her strength increased, and we feel that she was probably only beached due to the storm the night before. She appeared strong, healthy, and with a fighting spirit that gives me hope for her to have a chance to live.

  18. Marian Hennings says:

    Hurrah for those who found, guarded, and helped this baby whale through this ordeal, including my nephew David Blanchard. His pod members were probably the whales she was calling as she swam away. Thank you for helping save a life.

  19. E Huber says:

    What a wonderful experience for these folks. I wish I could have been there. Thanks to all the people who helped. Keep up the great work especially to The Sea Shepard Crew.

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